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A massage therapist aspiring photographer ,artist , mommy,and giver of love to humanity are only a few titles that express who I am -and who I strive to be .I believe all things are possible..we only lack the knowing of how to accomplish all things.The first step to knowing -is accepting that you do not....and then accept that you can.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

For the one who knows

Each strand of hair
Each suttle tone
With Wispy bang
You make me moan
For need of you

Each fall and rise
Each feature fair
Gives accent to
That lovely hair
For I notice you

Your eyes
They draw me in
Calling out to me
Telling me you love me
Saying that we can be free
Free to explore
More and more

Our minds all mingled
In this love
In this place
Of honest emotion
Having no other notion
Than to be ourselves
Happy and carefree
I loving you
You loving me.


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