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A massage therapist aspiring photographer ,artist , mommy,and giver of love to humanity are only a few titles that express who I am -and who I strive to be .I believe all things are possible..we only lack the knowing of how to accomplish all things.The first step to knowing -is accepting that you do not....and then accept that you can.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Just a thought

Sometimes I wonder ...How we can promise to love one person,for the rest of our living days ,no matter what may happen...putting super human expectations upon ourselves,our partners,and our relationships,when we are still faulty humans when it starts to fade -we are disappointed ....Thinking of ourselves-or others as failures because we didn't "make it work".Would we give our child a pet(puppy,cat,bird...Whatever)tell them that from then on,they could only love that one animal,only pet them,talk with them,play with them....Even if that pet bit the child?Even if the animal attacked,snarled,threatened the child....Made them feel afraid to play with them,not knowing if they made a wrong move that the animal might jump upon him,or her,and choke the life out of them?Even if the animal wanted attention,but refused to play catch,roll over,or fufill any of it's "God given duties"?LOL...(You know what I am trying to say-right?-lol)Causing the child to feel insecure,afraid,lonely,even restricted it the child's natural desire for friendly longer allowing the child to be the naturally fun loving,happy & playful person he or she truly is?
I know these may sound like frightening comparisons,but honestly alot of us are in relationships where we have been put unrealistic expectations....not just physically,but emotionally,mentally,and even sexually( not to limit it to these),upon each other,and ourselves....afraid that if we make the wrong move,say the wrong thing,voice our difference of opinion..(Heck!Just be ourselves!).we like that child with the threatening pet, will be pounced upon by that neglectful,and sometimes(God help us when this is true) abusive partner.So what do we do?hold tight to the leash that once connected us to a playful,and loving relationship...or cut the leash,and allow yourself(who knows...maybe the other one too),to no longer live under the drudgery of fear,neglect,and super-human(unattainable)expectations?
Just a thought.


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