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A massage therapist aspiring photographer ,artist , mommy,and giver of love to humanity are only a few titles that express who I am -and who I strive to be .I believe all things are possible..we only lack the knowing of how to accomplish all things.The first step to knowing -is accepting that you do not....and then accept that you can.

Monday, April 18, 2005

father and daughter at the zoo Posted by Hello

enjoying the view Posted by Hello

Hanna and momma on the train ride at the zoo Posted by Hello

Friday, April 15, 2005

Hanna and Daddy Posted by Hello

a precious moment Posted by Hello

Our good friend Joan,baby girl,and myself at a b-ball game of hubby's-sometime 2004 Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Just a thought

Sometimes I wonder ...How we can promise to love one person,for the rest of our living days ,no matter what may happen...putting super human expectations upon ourselves,our partners,and our relationships,when we are still faulty humans when it starts to fade -we are disappointed ....Thinking of ourselves-or others as failures because we didn't "make it work".Would we give our child a pet(puppy,cat,bird...Whatever)tell them that from then on,they could only love that one animal,only pet them,talk with them,play with them....Even if that pet bit the child?Even if the animal attacked,snarled,threatened the child....Made them feel afraid to play with them,not knowing if they made a wrong move that the animal might jump upon him,or her,and choke the life out of them?Even if the animal wanted attention,but refused to play catch,roll over,or fufill any of it's "God given duties"?LOL...(You know what I am trying to say-right?-lol)Causing the child to feel insecure,afraid,lonely,even restricted it the child's natural desire for friendly longer allowing the child to be the naturally fun loving,happy & playful person he or she truly is?
I know these may sound like frightening comparisons,but honestly alot of us are in relationships where we have been put unrealistic expectations....not just physically,but emotionally,mentally,and even sexually( not to limit it to these),upon each other,and ourselves....afraid that if we make the wrong move,say the wrong thing,voice our difference of opinion..(Heck!Just be ourselves!).we like that child with the threatening pet, will be pounced upon by that neglectful,and sometimes(God help us when this is true) abusive partner.So what do we do?hold tight to the leash that once connected us to a playful,and loving relationship...or cut the leash,and allow yourself(who knows...maybe the other one too),to no longer live under the drudgery of fear,neglect,and super-human(unattainable)expectations?
Just a thought.

again...a special moment between father and daughter Posted by Hello

Daddy and Hanna sometime last year. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My little princess and me,4-2005 Posted by Hello

hi there-it's me-lol Posted by Hello

Soaking in the rain

This rain
Falling from the air
Come now
Cleanse me
Make me fair

Beautify my soul
Wash me now
Make me whole

With the purity of you
With a cleansing
That is true

Wash away these fleeting tears
Wash away these feeble fears

Cleanse me now
Make me new
Consume me now
Make me like you.

When ?

Sad songs on the radio
Singing now to me
Of forbidden love
Needing to be freed...

...Just like me.

For the one who knows

Each strand of hair
Each suttle tone
With Wispy bang
You make me moan
For need of you

Each fall and rise
Each feature fair
Gives accent to
That lovely hair
For I notice you

Your eyes
They draw me in
Calling out to me
Telling me you love me
Saying that we can be free
Free to explore
More and more

Our minds all mingled
In this love
In this place
Of honest emotion
Having no other notion
Than to be ourselves
Happy and carefree
I loving you
You loving me.

Here is a pic' of my youngest sister and step-dad Posted by Hello

Once again-you can see how I love to photograph my little girl,and she is so photogenic! Posted by Hello

Monday, April 11, 2005

Hanna-"keeks"(cheeks)-she shows momma how smart AND adorable she is! Posted by Hello

here is my princess-I shot this of her on Christams 2004-doesn't she look like an angel!? Posted by Hello

two of my younger sisters,and Hanna-this was durring my sister's visit home from the Airforce. Posted by Hello

The picture of you

To paint a picture of your face,
So easily I would do .
All dark would be the anger,
All painfully showing you.
The burden of your life with us
Would readily shine through

The faded colors,
reds and golds ,
would be our faded passion
once lit like a fire,
now of me
you've grown tired
Just as I am
with your flogging
of my spirit
you drag me down ...

But now I stand!
I refuse ,
To be undone ,
If I'm with you.

Today I speak !
Today I change!
And wonder what life
will arrange...
For today ,
For tomorrow,
For forever ...
will it mean sorrow?

another favorite Posted by Hello

hubby and baby watch a little tele' Posted by Hello

My mother -in-law with my little princess-Hanna. Posted by Hello

Daddy and baby girl,reading a book together. Posted by Hello

baby girl enjoying the fish Posted by Hello

my drinking habits-lol

I have been drinking more coffee lately-I will always favor the Turkish kind best father -in-law turns the tiny cup over,and from the left over grounds he tells my fortune-it is pretty fun-lol.
I also drink tea,hot or cold...I really like Sobe'-cranberry/grapefruit flavor.

Hanna and Momma  Posted by Hello

Tata Nabiha,and Hanna (best of friends!),March 2005 Posted by Hello

Tata & Siedo(grandmother,and Grandfather)-with our little princess! Posted by Hello

my friend-she took 1st place in a local run.I was so proud of her! Posted by Hello

my princess enjoying the fish at the Milwaukee county zoo.She was so fasinated by them...and I was so amazed,by her! Posted by Hello